The Starter’s Package includes 4 x 30ml samples.

$368.00 / month

(featuring monthly whiskies that combined is worth more than $400 on average)

Handpicked fine whiskies every month. From a variety of single malt Scottish whisky to the underrated whiskies that we love, you will never be disappointed by this Adventure of monthly whisky exploration. A great way to sample various whiskies before purchasing the full bottle.

Why should you join the Sample Package?

  1. Your loved ones deserve to be treated well. Surprise them with a box of The Adventure fine whiskies samples. It takes away your burden in sourcing whisky and we can guarantee the whisky will be promising.
  2. Life is too short to be bound by your comfort zone. Expand your horizon of whisky with us. Your world will never be the same – it will be full of surprises, adventure and of course, good whiskies.

hassle-free auto-renewal subscription

– Payment will be charged on the first Monday of the month
– Cancellation 7 days before cut off date


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The Starter’s Package includes 4 x 30ml samples.

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