About the Surprise Box

The surprise box last month seems to be interesting. Can I purchase the past surprise box?
Thank you for being interested in one of our past boxes! Unfortunately, due to limited inventory, we are currently unable to sell past boxes. However, if we have some bottles left from the previous month, you can find a limited supply on our product page (to be launched soon).

Can I gift a surprise box?
Yes. We offer plans which are one-time payments. To send someone a gift or to gift a Subscription, simply enter your recipient’s shipping address during checkout instead of your own.

I am still deciding. When is the cut-off time to get this month’s package?
The cut-off time will be the first Monday of each month.

Yay! Successfully signed up and super excited. When will I get my bottle?
We will send out the featured bottle of the month on the second Monday of each month.

I’ve had too many whisky bottles at my home right now. Can I cancel the future subscription?
Yes, you can cancel the subscription by logging in to your account and click cancel. Please kindly cancel it at least 7 days prior to the next payment date. Once the payment is made, there is no refund.

I’ve changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
We get it. Whisky can be subjective and everyone will have his/her own taste and preference. Unfortunately, there will not be a refund available once the payment is made. The reason is we encourage new whisky exploration and tasting new whisky is exactly the point of what we are doing. Alternatively, you can always give the whisky to your loved ones as gifts.

For inquiries please send us an email to marketing@theadventurehk.com or click here.